Business Practice Evaluations

Magnifying_Glass_BlueThe Business Practice Evaluation (BPE) assesses the health of a utility’s work practices by implementing a framework for a structured approach to managing, operating, and maintaining in a more business-like manner.

The overall goal of the assessment process is more efficient and effective work practices, and the assessment process and the tools developed enable utility managers to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the utility in comparison to generally accepted industry standards. The assessment includes documentation of current business practices, identification of opportunities for improvement, conducting interviews including a diagonal slice of the organization, and observation of work practices in the field. From this assessment we make recommendations to improve system performance, and the structured approach is fully customized and includes all functions of the utility — from administration and technical to operations and maintenance. The assessment process allows utility executives to proactively develop system specific plans, programs, and timelines to optimize the overall utility system programs.

Efficiency businessA successful BPE is accomplished utilizing the following steps:

  • Develop rating criteria to determine level of performance of work practices
  • Develop work practice categories and attributes
  • Conduct kick-off, consensus, and findings workshops
  • Review utility documents and documentation of work practices
  • Conduct interviews within a diagonal slice of the organization
  • Conduct field observations of current work practices (not people)
  • Develop a BPE findings report
  • Develop a BPE scoresheet from the findings report