Water Treatment

water_treatmentWater treatment has become an integral part of most water system operations.  Regulatory changes and declining water quality are requiring more advanced treatment of not only surface supplies but groundwater sources as well. Treatment for corrosion control (pH adjustment) in some form is utilized at all sources while more advanced filtration technologies are being utilized for the removal of minerals (iron and manganese) and microbial constituents.  Filtration can be in the form of pressure filters with a variety of media (Greensand, Greensand PlusTM, LayneOXTM), conventional gravity filters or a variety of membrane technologies depending upon the raw water quality and finished water quality goals.

Tata & Howard is experienced in all forms of water treatment and filtration technologies.  Our specialized experience includes pilot testing of pressure filtration using a variety of media and pilot testing of pressure and vacuum membranes, while clarification processes include buoyant media (Trident®) and dissolved air floatation (DAF).  Tata & Howard services include the permitting and design of all types of filtration technologies on a variety of challenging water quality issues.  Design innovations include water efficiency in the form of recycling of backwash water, regional facilities treating multiple wells from multiple communities, and implementation of a variety of disinfectants/oxidants including chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide, and UV.  Tata & Howard provides construction administration services including start-up and system performance testing.

Water Treatment Facilities

We have performed comprehensive water supply and distribution system analyses, piloting, design, construction services, and post-construction consultation for numerous municipalities, water districts, and private water companies. As a company, we have designed water treatment facilities for the removal of iron and manganese, volatile organic compounds, and radionuclides as well as for groundwater, groundwater under the influence, and surface water sources. Designs utilize rapid sand filtration, slow sand filtration pressure filtration, DAF, air stripping technology, ozone and chlorine dioxide oxidation, and ultrafiltration membranes.

Additional services include water treatment facility siting evaluations, pilot studies, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, construction administration services, and post-construction administration services, including start-up, operation and maintenance manuals, and troubleshooting.