2019 Impact Tour

Two Tata & Howard Employees Embark on Water For People’s 2019 Impact Tour

Water for People’s Impact Tours were created in efforts to show stakeholders how the organization is strengthening communities and fostering independence within defined geographical areas – that is, by bringing clean water and sanitation to every family, clinic, and school.

Throughout the course of an Impact Tour, participants will visit one of Water for People’s sites for a week to visit country staff, see the work they are doing, and witness firsthand what supporting Water for People truly looks like. Participants will interact directly with community leaders, local staff, government officials and people whose lives have been changed for the better due to the support and work in their area.

Jenna Rzasa, Co-President, and James Hoyt, Project Manager, set off on their Impact Tour journey on Thursday, September 5. Through pictures and personal blog posts, we were able to get an inside look at their time in Rwanda. Read on to learn more and see what they experienced in their travels.

Personal Blogs

Prologue – Welcome to Rwanda

A Day of Broken Hearts, Hope, & Inspiration

Finding Passion, Inspiration, and Dirty Hands in Everyone Forever 

Rulindo and the Pump Station with a View

Gicumbi: DEFAST and D’Furious