Employee Spotlight: Wiktor Tomkiewicz

Employee Spotlight #7 – Wiktor Tomkiewicz

We are excited to shine this week’s Employee Spotlight on Wiktor Tomkiewicz. Wiktor joined the T&H team two years ago as an Engineer and has recently been promoted to Assistant Project Engineer.


Born in Poland, Wiktor and his family immigrated to the US when he was 11-months-old and settled down in Central Massachusetts. He went to UMass Dartmouth where he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering as well as the University at Buffalo for a Master’s in Civil Engineering. To complete his Master’s degree, Wiktor spent a lot of time in the analytical chemistry lab writing his thesis titled ‘Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Disinfection Byproduct Formation Potential of Microcystis Aeruginosa.’  Although he originally wanted a career in architecture, he was encouraged to be a civil engineer after talking with family in the construction industry.

 Wiktor’s favorite types of projects to work on at T&H involve anything where he can learn something new. Lately, he has enjoyed learning and developing new workflows in AutoCAD. During the last two years, he has found the Eleven Levels Pumping Station Project in Ridgefield, CT to be the best project he’s had the opportunity to work on. In being part of this project team, he was able to learn a lot about AutoCAD and Civil 3D software, and was also introduced to drinking water pumping stations as well as the various architectural, structural, and electrical components of the project. 


Outside of T&H, Wiktor enjoys hiking and cycling. He also loves to travel and has gone back to Poland several times to stay with family and see the country. Most recently, he traveled along the eastern side of Poland with his uncle. They drove to various destinations, both urban and rural, and explored the terrain on bicycles. Wiktor’s favorite destination on that trip was Białowieża National Park, one of Europe’s largest old growth forests, where he was able to catch a glimpse of a European Bison.