Employee Spotlight: Jenna O’Connell

Employee Spotlight #1 – Jenna O’Connell

We’re pleased to shine our first employee spotlight on Jenna O’Connell.

Jenna graduated from WPI in 2017 with a degree in Chemical Engineering and joined the T&H team as an Engineer shortly thereafter. With a passion for reducing waste and contributing to a cleaner environment, Jenna was inspired to join a field that could support these goals.

In her time with Tata & Howard, Jenna has been promoted to an Assistant Project Engineer, where she works as a midpoint on project teams between Engineers and Project Managers. From creating project schedules and budgets to communicating with clients on deliverables and project progress, Jenna’s work is primarily focused in water mains, chemical treatment and asset management.  Her favorite types of projects to work on are system/infrastructure evaluations. In this role she enjoys getting to know how a client’s system works and determining ways to help improve their operations.

When she isn’t working (remote) for T&H, Jenna enjoys baking, listening to podcasts, watching British TV shows, and traveling. Her favorite travel destinations to date were the cities and towns she visited around Italy while she studied abroad.

Thank you for all you do, Jenna!