Lead and Copper Rule Revisions: Deadlines and Funding

The Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (2021) now require all Public Water Systems (PWSs) to complete a full inventory of service lines connected to their distribution systems. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) also requires every PWS to submit a plan by 2024 detailing how the PWS will prioritize, fund, and fully remove lead service lines (LSLs) connected to its distribution system. Ultimately, the inventory will categorize each water service line as “lead”, “galvanized requiring replacement (GRR)”, “non-lead” (or the actual material, such as copper or plastic), or “lead status unknown.”

Please note that any PWS without lead services lines in its water distribution system will still need to develop an inventory of all services.

Funding is available through the State Revolving Fund (SRF). The SRF LSL Application may be used for the creation/modification of LSL inventory and/or the preparation of the LSL replacement program for the PWS. Approval of this application will provide a loan for the work required to comply with the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and MassDEP’s LSL plan requirement. At this time, the loan is 100 percent reimbursable through the program.

For more information on the Lead and Copper Rule Revisions or for assistance with procuring available funding, please contact us.