Milford Water Company Water Treatment Engineering Services

Water Treatment Plant Engineering Services
Tata & Howard provided water treatment engineering services including construction administration, resident observation, and start-up services to the Milford Water Company for the construction of the Dilla Street Water Treatment Facility. The 5.2 mgd facility treats water from a combination of lake, river, and wells, utilizing dissolved air flotation (DAF) clarifiers and granular activated carbon (GAC) filters. The facility will replace the existing slow-sand and diatomaceous earth (DE) treatment currently utilized to treat the existing surface and groundwater sources, respectively. The facility was required to address and satisfy an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) issued by MassDEP.
Milford-Dilla-DAFTata & Howard also completed design and oversight of a redundant cast-in-place chlorine contact tank, and has been contracted to provide engineering services for project review and construction oversight for the installation of raw water screens on intakes of both the lake and river sources. These improvements were mandated by MassDEP as part of the approval of the Dilla Street facility design.