Municipal Energy Audits

Our municipal energy audits for water and wastewater focus on energy efficient equipment replacement, operational modifications, and process control that lead to improved efficiency and cost savings with the shortest possible payback period.

In Arizona, Tata & Howard is a certified trade ally with Arizona Public Service (APS) and a qualified service provider for the Salt River Project (SRP) PowerWise® Program.  We assist in obtaining incentives through APS in the form of cash reimbursement or reduction in rates. In addition, we can assist with applying for funding through Arizona’s Water Infrastructure Finance Authority (WIFA). 


Municipal energy audits may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Conduct on-site observations, test existing systems and equipment, and interview utility operators and maintenance personnel to establish baseline
  • Establish a required minimum efficiency for new installations and a “pay for performance” standard
  • Monitor power usage, costs, efficiency, and horsepower requirements in real time or on a schedule to maintain lowest possible costs
  • Develop strategies to limit demand charges and provide training to understand power rates structures
  • Institute employee training and power-saved incentives and improve communication to establish efficiency standards
  • Develop rates of return on efficiency improvements to improve on capital improvement decisions
  • Replace pumps and equipment that test low in efficiency
  • Review operations to best match flow requirements to use pumping equipment at best efficiency points
  • Institute a leak detection program
  • Determine equipment energy usage
  • Understand pump intake conditions and effects and develop an understanding of Pump Industry Standards
  • Review system piping for efficiency
  • Monitor specific capacity of wells to check for screen plugging
  • Design-Monitor-Analyze to check designed parameters; recognize changes due to modified equipment usage, new technologies, wellfield performance, and water usage
  • Review pressure zones to limit pumping, and determine if micro-turbines are feasible

Energy Efficiency Study, Flagstaff, AZ

Tata & Howard conducted an energy efficiency study on the aeration blowers and pumps at the Rio and Wildcat Hill treatment plants.  The testing showed that modifications to these systems have the potential to save the City approximately $250,000 in annual electrical costs and $445,000 in APS rebate funds for the modifications.