Water Capital Efficiency Plans™

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At Tata & Howard, we believe it is essential to optimize “Capital Efficiency” – that is, identifying those areas of your water, stormwater, and wastewater systems needing rehabilitation, repair, or replacement that make the most efficient use of your limited infrastructure dollars.

Our Capital Efficiency Plan™ (CEP) methodology combines the concepts of hydraulic modeling, system criticality, and asset management into a single comprehensive report. Each report is customized to the individual utility distribution system. When completed, the CEP report provides utilities with a database and Geographic Information System (GIS) representation for each pipe segment within their underground piping system. The CEP report prioritizes water distribution system piping improvements and provides estimated costs for water main replacement and rehabilitation. For example, a hydraulic model analysis may suggest replacement of a particular section of main in order to achieve needed fire flow. Alternate routes to the replacement main under consideration would be reviewed with respect to break history, water quality concerns, age, and soil corrosivity.  While the alternate route may have a slightly higher initial cost, the life cycle cost may show that it is the more efficient capital solution in the long run. The capital efficiency would be realized by addressing imminent ‘Asset Management’ concerns on the newly selected route.

Each water system has unique characteristics and challenges that are discussed at our CEP workshop held with knowledgeable field staff and managers for each project. The workshops provide significant value by filling in data gaps, correcting incorrect records, and identifying specific issues and critical components that are custom to the system. The results of the workshop not only improve the asset data quality, but also improve the hydraulic model accuracy.

Our completed studies have been well received by many clients throughout New England who have found our methodology not only practical and understandable, but also defendable when justifying projects and procuring funding. A comprehensive CEP places a water utility in the advantageous position of having a prioritized list of logically thought out and justifiable water infrastructure projects.

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Project Experience

Tata & Howard has completed several Capital Efficiency Plans™ for Aquarion Water Company.  The analysis not only reviewed hydraulic considerations but included a detailed analysis of assets and critical components.  By utilizing this approach, Aquarion was able to spend money effectively on system upgrades.