Environmental Remediation

Since every site is unique, we work to identify solutions that are both cost effective and that can be applied with minimal disturbance to our clients’ business activities.
Our projects include in-situ cleanup using soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioremediation, and enhanced monitored natural attenuation technologies. However, sometimes the best approach is to excavate the soil, and we have successfully identified innovative in-situ or onsite soil management and treatment options to save our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars that can be associated with traditional soil disposal methods.
Project Oversight and Review
Tata & Howard can also provide a second opinion — an independent assessment of an environmental project to evaluate if the work is progressing satisfactorily and to ensure that appropriate interests are being considered. These services typically include review of documents for technical merit, observation of field activities performed by cleanup contractors or other consultants, laboratory analyses of duplicate samples, or invoice review to evaluate if charges are customary and reasonable.

Project Experience

Tata & Howard provided environmental remediation services at a Site in Quincy, MA where several contaminants, including chlorinated volatile organic compounds (CVOCs), arsenic, cadmium, lead, and nickel were detected in soil and groundwater during a due diligence assessment.