Site Stormwater Management

Tata & Howard understands that the stormwater compliance environment is changing.  Managing stormwater at a facility or within a watershed is about far more than just discharge rates and quantity: it is about water quality and resource protection. Our experience with stormwater management includes the following:

  • Vegetated buffers
  • Porous pavement and other infiltration-based management devices
  • Bioretention Systems
  • Treatment swales
  • Low-Impact Development (LID) tools
  • Evaluation of the impact of stormwater discharges on drinking water resources
  • Creation of design standards and methods for stormwater management
  • Design of Construction Best Management Practices and Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Assistance with NPDES MS4 and MSGP compliance
  • Evaluation of pretreatment and treatment mechanisms
  • Development of permit applications under New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services™ Alteration of Terrain program
  • Completion of detailed drainage evaluations using HydroCAD and other models;
  • Assistance in developing educational materials

Long Pond Water Treatment Plant in Falmouth, MA

Tata & Howard provided site stormwater management services for the 8.0 mgd Long Pond Water Treatment Plant project. The site stormwater management part of the project was separated into two designs: the parts of the site under the Conservation Commission’s jurisdiction and those that are not.