Dam engineering services include the following:

  • Dam Inspections
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Evaluations
  • Stability Analyses
  • Design of Dam Repairs and Modifications
  • Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Design of New or Replacement Dams
  • Gatehouse and Gate Chamber Rehabilitations
  • Emergency Action Plans, including Inundation Mapping
  • Removal of Existing Dams

Inspection, evaluation, and design of concrete, stone masonry, and earthen embankment dams:

Inspections include review of available plans, previous inspection reports, photographs, and other information on the dam; preparation of an inspection report following DEEP format; colored photographs of significant features and areas of concern; an AutoCad sketch of the dam; and identification of deficiencies and recommendations for improvements or additional studies, if necessary. Copies of inspection reports are provided in both paper and electronic formats.

Tata & Howard, Inc. also has extensive experience in the preparation and updating of Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) including dam failure analyses and hydraulic modeling to determine the limits of the downstream inundation area in the event of a dam failure. The dam failure analyses results are used to determine the dam’s hazard potential classification, define the evacuation limits, and estimate the timing for the flood wave progression through the downstream valley.  EAPs need to be updated regularly because of personnel, organizational, technological, and regulatory changes.

Tata & Howard staff has prepared a number of stability analyses for concrete, stone masonry and earthen embankment dams. Dam stabilities are evaluated under hydrostatic, ice, and earthquake loadings.

Additional Services:

In addition to our dam inspections, Tata & Howard also provides studies and design reports, design, permitting and construction administration services for repairs and improvements to dams. Our services include arranging for soil borings, soil testing, stability analyses, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling for evaluating spillway sizing and downstream hazard potential, arrangement for under water inspections by divers, permitting, and assistance in applying for funding for repairs.

Award-Winning Dam Rehabilitation Project

Tata & Howard has extensive experience with dam engineering including design, rehab, inspection, and construction services, and we received a 2017 ACEC/CT Excellence in Engineering Merit Award for the rehabilitation of the Means Brook Dam in Meriden, CT.