CHALLENGE: VOC Mitigation, Framingham, MA

CHALLENGE: VOC Mitigation, Framingham, MA

ssds mitigation fan and manometer
Close up of completed SSDS mitigation fan and manometer.

CLIENT: Former Commercial Dry Cleaner, Framingham, MA

PROJECT: Remediation of chlorinated solvents from former dry cleaning operations

THE CHALLENGE: At this former wholesale dry cleaner, the client spent over $250,000 installing an asphaltic barrier and new floor over the barrier in an effort to prevent volatile organic compound (VOC) vapors from affecting indoor air quality.  This system was recommended by a prior consultant who subsequently found that the barrier did not sufficiently reduce the vapors in the indoor air to make the building safe for reuse.

THE SOLUTION:  T&H recommended sub slab depressurization systems (SSDSs), which are similar to radon systems, to redirect the vapors from beneath the building to the atmosphere.  The cost of four SSDSs was $10,000 and the VOCs in the indoor air were reduced to negligible concentrations. T&H then assisted the client as an expert witness to recover costs from the prior consultant and their installation contractor.

PROGRESS: Site closed out and the property has been sold.