Pump Station Design and Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades, Barre, MA

Barre wastewater treatment facility

The Town of Barre retained Tata & Howard to evaluate their existing wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard recommended a three phase upgrade program in order to reduce the initial impact of the construction cost on the sewer use rates. Included in the upgrade program was the design and construction of a submersible pump station that lifts the raw wastewater from an equalization tank to the biological treatment process. The pump station has a capacity of 1.2 mgd and includes variable frequency drives. The pumping station is controlled by a new SCADA system at the wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard also designed 8,000 linear feet of collection system sewers in the Worcester Road area of town. The project also included 500 linear feet of force main and a wet well mounted pump station. The pump station has a capacity of 200 gpm.

Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation, Milford, MA


Tata & Howard provided all design and construction services related to a treated wastewater pump station at the Town’s advanced wastewater treatment facility.  This station has a capacity in excess of 1 mgd and is used to pump treated wastewater to a gas turbine power generation facility where it is used for cooling water.  Included in this project was the preparation of plans and specifications and the monitoring of water quality effects on the Charles River.

The Birch Street Pump Station is a submersible pump station consisting of two 700 gallons per minute pumps. Under maximum day flow conditions, the station has operated well above its current capacity and pump run times of 24 hours have been recorded. Therefore, prior to accepting additional flows would require upgrades to be completed. In 2013, Tata & Howard worked with the Town of Milford and was retained by a developer to design proposed upgrades for the Birch Street Pump Station rehabilitation which included upgrades to the existing submersible pumps, electrical and instrumentation, and controls.

Sewer Improvements and Wastewater Pump Stations, Bingham, ME

Bingham ME wastewater pump station

Tata & Howard provided engineering services associated with sewer improvements including evaluation, design, and construction of 3,500 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 2,500 linear feet of force mains, and three pump stations. In addition, Tata & Howard provided design and construction of 5,000 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 4,000 linear feet of gravity sewer including a river crossing, and a pump station. Tata & Howard also provided design and construction services for three new wastewater pump stations. The pump station scope included upgrading of one pump station and the design of two other pump stations. One of the pump stations is a suction lift station while the other two are submersible stations.

Wastewater Consulting Services, Pembroke, NH


Tata & Howard provided engineering services including wastewater consulting services to develop a plan for the removal of existing inflow and infiltration (I/I) from the Town of Pembroke’s sewer collection system. The purpose of this evaluation was to review pertinent available information provided by the Town, develop a draft plan of approach to reduce I/I within the system over time and as funds are appropriated, develop a prioritized schedule for further investigations of I/I, and establish a protocol for the documentation of I/I removed from the collection system.


Wastewater Pump Station, Franklin, MA

FranklinMA_wastewater treatment facility interior

Tata & Howard was retained by the Town of Franklin to evaluate the wastewater pump station that serves the Franklin Industrial Park. The pump station had been experiencing capacity issues and periodic overflows. The design by Tata & Howard included the replacement of two existing wastewater pumps with 350 new gpm capacity pumps with variable frequency drives. The project also included a substantial increase in the volume of the station’s wet well through the construction of additional precast concrete tanks. The work also included upgrades to the existing alarm and communications systems.

Wastewater Pump Stations and Treatment Plant, Canaan, VT

Canaan VT aerial

Tata & Howard provided engineering services for the evaluation, permitting, design, and construction of five wastewater pump stations. The pump stations included a new triplex pump station with valve structure. The wastewater treatment plant upgrade was in addition to the pump stations. The other four pump stations consisted of a new, completely relocated pump station and the upgrading of three other dry pit wet pit stations to include generators and controls for telemetry. The pump station design included a plan for maintaining operations of the stations throughout construction, which was completed in the fall of 2014.

Wastewater Treatment Facility Design, Upgrades, Bid, and Construction Administration, Dexter, ME

DexterME_wastewater treatment facility

Tata & Howard team members provided engineering services to The Dexter Utility District to evaluate their existing wastewater treatment facility and to provide wastewater treatment facility design. It was recommended that a phased approach to upgrade the facility be utilized in order to reduce the initial impact on the sewer user rates.

The first phase of the improvements combined improvements which would improve the reliability and obtain energy savings with cleaning and disposing of sludge for the first time from their 25 year old facility. This approach allowed for a grant loan financing package to be utilized. The first phase facility upgrade included replacing a leaking single air header main with two individual air headers, replacing course bubble diffusers with fine bubble membrane diffusers, replacing three 25 year old blowers with new blowers with variable speed drives. The speed of the new blowers is controlled by a PID loop using dissolved oxygen analyzers, to maintain optimum treatment and minimize energy consumption. These improvements have reduced the energy consumption at the wastewater treatment facility by more than 50 percent.



Wastewater Treatment Facility, Hopedale, MA

HopedaleMA_wastewater treatment facility disk filter

Tata & Howard has been working with the Town of Hopedale, Massachusetts for a number of years on a variety of wastewater collection and treatment projects.  When the Town received an administrative order to address copper and ammonia violations at the plant, they turned to Tata & Howard for assistance. We completed the design and construction of a Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrade project which included the installation of an automated soda ash feed system and an integrated fixed film activated sludge system (IFAS). The IFAS system is an innovative biological treatment process using thousands of special carriers designed to increase total surface area for biofilm growth without expanding the plant’s footprint.  The blowers were also modified to provide better control over the aeration process.

A pilot study was conducted to test the ability of various reagents to facilitate the removal of copper from the waste stream.  An automated chemical addition system was designed to improve coagulation.  Additionally, a dynamic tangential filter was incorporated into the upgrade project.  These improvements have allowed the Town to now meet its discharge limits for ammonia and copper.

Water and Wastewater Engineering Services: Hydraulic Modeling, Facilities Plan, WRF Improvements, Goodyear, AZ


Tata & Howard provided water and wastewater engineering services associated with the update of existing water and sewer system models using InfoWater and InfoSewer computer programs; review of the impact of proposed developments and proposed extensions to the City’s systems; verification of the hydraulic models for the City of Goodyear’s water distribution and wastewater collection systems. The water model included fire flow testing, C-value tests and calibration of the InfoWater hydraulic model. The wastewater collection system model included installation of six flow monitoring stations in three sub-basins, calibration of the model, development of a cost allocation model, and preparation of a technical report.

Tata & Howard prepared a facilities plan for the Corgett Water Reclamation Facility.  The plan addressed the need for process redundancy and recommended improvements for increased flows and Class A+ effluent.  Provided ongoing support services to address operational needs and to assess the impact of new developments on the system. Provided design, bidding, construction administration, resident observation, and construction services associated with improvements to the Corgett WRF including: filter system, low lift pump station, modifications to the sand filter, and instrumentation upgrades.



Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades, Lyndon, VT


Tata & Howard provided evaluation, planning, funding assistance, design, and construction phase engineering services for an upgrade to the 30-year old 0.750 MGD Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Treatment facility including conversion to Anoxic/Oxic activated sludge process to allow more operations’ flexibility, reduce construction and annual O&M costs, and prepare for potential nutrient removal.  Improvements consisted of the construction of four anoxic basins and four oxic basins, replacement of clarifiers, addition of five blowers, new electrical and control building, new heating system, new influent pumps, headworks influent screen followed by grit removal, centrifuge for sludge dewatering and post sludge dry storage building for the Class A Sludge. The project was funded by a USDA Rural Development loan and grant.