UST Removal in Melrose, MA

UST-removalUST Removal in Melrose, MA

Tata & Howard assisted the City of Melrose, MA with the removal of two underground storage tanks (USTs). Tata & Howard engaged the services of a qualified environmental contractor to excavate, remove, and dispose of an out-of-use UST on City property. During the excavation, a team member from our environmental services group observed a second fill pipe indicating the potential presence of a second UST. Upon further investigation, a second undocumented UST was found and the decision to remove both at the same time was made. Tata & Howard team members observed the UST removal activities, submitted confirmatory soil samples for laboratory analyses, prepared the MassDEP UST removal forms and submitted the forms to MassDEP and the Melrose Fire Department within 30 days of the UST removals. Tata & Howard also prepared a summary letter report for the site, which includes a summary of activities performed and conclusions and recommendations with regard to Massachusetts General Law c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.






UST Removal in Massachusetts

UST removalUST Removal in Massachusetts

Tata & Howard provided environmental services to a private client relating to the removal of three fuel oil underground storage tanks (USTs) in Massachusetts. The project included observation of excavation activities associated with the removal of the USTs, collection of soil samples in accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection’s (MassDEP’s) UST Closure Assessment Manual, and screening for total organic vapors (TOVs) with a photoionization detector (PID).  We then prepared a summary letter, which included a summary of activities performed, and conclusions and recommendations with regard to Massachusetts General Laws c. 21E and the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

Site Assessment and UST Removal, Boston, MA

Site Assessment and UST Removal, Boston, MA

FoodPak_USTremoval2Tata & Howard provided site assessment and underground storage tank (UST) removal services for a private client. The Site is a former commercial manufacturing and warehouse facility located in an industrial area of Boston, MA. It is occupied by a single story, 76,000 square foot commercial warehouse food market and commercial restaurant wholesaler. Initial assessment by a prior consultant identified petroleum related compounds and styrene in indoor air, the source of which was, according to them, a UST located outside the building. Tata & Howard was called in to give a second opinion and was given a very short time frame because the client would lose their $4,000,000 deposit if they did not buy the property within three weeks. Their bank told them that no other consultant could meet their deadline but the borrower’s attorney recommended they contact Tata & Howard.

We first identified that styrene is not associated with petroleum. Therefore, there had to be another source of this compound. We immediately went to the site and saw that much of the food is wrapped in plastic, and numerous plastic plates and utensils are stored there as well. This appeared to be the more likely source of the styrene as well as the petroleum in the indoor air. To test this hypothesis, we drilled several holes through the concrete slab to test the sub slab soil gas. First, we found that the slab was almost three feet thick, lending further credibility to the theory that the contaminants in the air were not from beneath the slab; the concrete was too thick to allow any vapors through. Further site testing including sub slab soil gas analyses, which had no styrene and very little petroleum present, confirmed this theory.

Based on the findings of the assessment activities, the results indicate that a level of No Significant Risk exists for presence of these compounds at the disposal site. These findings, along with the additional information presented, support the applicability of a Class B-2 RAO to the disposal site. Remedial action was not necessary to achieve a condition of No Significant Risk and the client did not lose their $4,000,000 deposit.

UST Removal, Marlborough, MA

Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal, Marlborough, MA

MarlboroughMA_UST removalTata & Howard coordinated a UST removal in Marlborough, Massachusetts. The results of subsequent soil testing indicate the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs) in soil at concentrations above the applicable RCS-1 reportable concentrations. A Limited Removal Action (LRA) was performed to address the PHC-contaminated soil. These activities were conducted in accordance with Massachusetts General Law (M.G.L.) c. 21E, the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP, 310 CMR 40.0000), and the Underground Storage Tank Regulations (310 CMR 80.00). Complications at this site included the presence of utilities over the UST and the close proximity of a sidewalk and road as can be seen from the photograph. Once the utilities were confirmed to be abandoned, T&H monitored the condition of the sidewalk and driveway in an effort to ensure that they were not damaged.