Advanced Condition Assessment for Pipeline Rehabilitation

pipe-condition-assessmentAdvanced condition assessment for pipeline rehabilitation provides insight into the quality and reliability of a water distribution system. In 2007, Tata & Howard began extracting one foot long cast iron water main samples ranging in diameter from 6 to 12 inches as part of a cleaning and cement lining water main rehabilitation project.  Since then, we have evaluated a significant number of cast iron water main samples for several water distribution systems throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut, typically during a rehabilitation project, water main failure, or water main replacement project. The goal is to be able to efficiently and effectively run the water distribution system by allocating capital to areas of the system that are in need of rehabilitation or replacement. Tata & Howard is the undisputed innovator of condition assessment methods for water distribution system pipe assets.


Condition Assessment of Cast Iron Water Main Samples

Tata & Howard has assisted numerous municipalities throughout New England with pipe condition assessments.