Value Engineering

The key concept of Value Engineering (VE) is to provide the highest quality design and construction services for the absolute best value by performing an analysis of cost versus value of building materials, equipment, and systems. VE considers not only the initial cost of construction, but also the estimated costs of life expectancy, maintenance, operations, energy usage, and replacement. When performed correctly, VE helps utilities by lowering operations and maintenance costs, improving resource efficiency, simplifying procedures, lowering staff costs, improving quality management, and increasing overall efficiency.

VE is often performed when a second opinion is required, such as in instances where estimated construction costs exceed expectations. Tata & Howard will evaluate your existing project and estimate if it has been over-designed, and will offer suggestions on any possible simplifications in design or construction that would results in cost savings. We are also able to implement any project changes.

VE is a cost-effective approach to evaluating a project that often results in significant savings.