Onsite Wastewater Treatment and Disposal

Tata & Howard provides a wide range of evaluation, planning, design, and construction services related to onsite wastewater treatment and disposal projects for both public and private clients. These services include the following:

  • Existing septic system and onsite treatment facility evaluations
  • Administrative Consent Order (ACO) negotiations
  • Design of large septic systems
  • Innovative and alternative treatment system design
  • Design of onsite package wastewater treatment and disposal systems

Recent developments in wastewater treatment technology have been remarkable.  For example, the innovative use of special membranes enables us to design versatile treatment systems in smaller footprints. We can now design plants that meet strict ground discharge and water reclamation standards more efficiently than ever before.  Tata & Howard is on the forefront of implementing these designs.  Our services include the design of new treatment facilities as well as upgrading and renovating existing plants.  We focus on cost efficient plant layouts, state of the art SCADA systems and energy savings.  Our staff of professional engineers is LEED certified and ready to meet the needs of our clients at every level of design.  They complement their experience with sophisticated modeling techniques to enhance the design of treatment processes to meet specific challenging parameters such as nutrients and heavy metals.

We also provide assistance to our clients in obtaining applicable State and local permits, including the following:

  • Title 5 Large Septic Systems
  • Groundwater discharge permits
  • Municipal sewer connection and extension permits

Packaged Wastewater Treatment

Many localized developments and small, rural communities do not have access to conventional wastewater collection and treatment systems. These communities have historically relied on individual on-site septic systems to meet their wastewater disposal needs. Regulatory authorities are now requiring a higher degree of treatment before wastewater can be discharged into the ground if the anticipated wastewater flow exceeds certain thresholds.

Tata & Howard has specific experience in the evaluation, design and construction of so-called package wastewater treatment facilities with disposal of treated effluent to the ground.  Our work generally consists of evaluation of the hydrogeological features of potential disposal areas, review of treatment process options, preparation of permit applications, development of detailed design criteria, preparation of plans and specifications, construction administration, and start-up services.

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facility, Hopkinton, MA

Tata & Howard provided soil investigation and evaluation, preliminary design, and design services for an onsite wastewater treatment facility and disposal system to serve the proposed Legacy Farms mixed-use development in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.