Supply & Distribution System Studies

Our engineers have performed comprehensive water supply and distribution system analyses for numerous municipalities, water districts, and private water companies. System evaluations and recommendations are based on computer simulations using existing and projected demands. The parameters governing the studies are based on data supplied by the owners and the Insurance Services Office (ISO). Additionally, we have calibrated models under extended period simulation.  Analyzing a system under an extended period simulation allows the hydraulic model to account for changes in the distribution system over time such as varying tank levels, pump controls, and demands.

A typical water supply and distribution system evaluation includes the following:

  • Preparation of a base map of the existing water system using GIS
  • Model calibration using field flow tests and c-value tests
  • Projection of future population and water demands
  • Evaluation of the storage capacity of the existing water system
  • Evaluation of the existing and future water supply capacity
  • Development of a phased, prioritized recommendation plan for the system

Distribution System Water Quality Study, Norwich, CT

Tata & Howard was retained by the Norwich Public Utilities (NPU) in Norwich, Connecticut to perform a distribution system water quality study to evaluate the water age, water quality, and hydraulic gradient in the Taftville/Occum Service Area.