Pump Stations

Tata & Howard has provided pump station designs for a number of municipalities and private developers. The pump stations are used to convey water from the supply to the distribution system, supply water to high elevations and storage facilities, and provide adequate pressures and flow rates during daily use and emergency situations.

Tata & Howard also provides design services for SCADA systems to be used in conjunction with the pump stations. These advanced computer systems can automate the activity of the station to maintain system pressures, flows, and tank levels.

Additionally, Tata & Howard has pioneered a pump system optimization service (SOS)/energy recovery tool that helps identify the efficiency of a pump using hydraulic modeling software. Our engineers evaluate if a pump is properly designed to operate in the best efficiency range and then provide recommendations to either replace the pump or develop system control descriptions focused on distribution pressure management. This tool has helped save our clients significant operational costs.

Chemical Feed Systems

Tata & Howard has provided chemical feed injection designs for numerous municipalities. Chemical feed injection is designed to meet the following federal and state drinking water standards:

  • Disinfection
  • Corrosion control
  • Fluoridation
  • pH adjustment
  • Iron and manganese sequestering

Maine Water Company Pump Station

Tata & Howard recently assisted the Maine Water Company with mechanical, structural, and architectural design of a new high service zone booster pump station for the Biddeford-Saco water distribution system.