Construction Administration

Tata & Howard offers construction administration and resident observation services to our clients on all projects. We rely on a solid working relationship with our clients as well as with the general contractor.  The combination of varying experience brought to the project by all three team members provides the foundation for the successful management of the project to completion in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

We provide quick responses to questions in the field and regular communication between the team members. Tata & Howard team members are readily available to address questions and unforeseen conditions that inevitably arise during most construction projects.

In order to effectively manage construction administration projects, we typically conduct regular job progress meetings with the contractor and the Owner. During these job progress meetings, we work with the general contractor and the client to contain costs. Our percentage of change orders in relation to the overall construction cost for projects completed by Tata & Howard is less than one percent. In general, change orders are submitted because of additional work requested by the client and not due to modifications to the original design.

The job progress format promotes communication among all the parties involved in the construction project and effectively streamlines the construction administration process. The efficient use of this time ultimately saves the client on both engineering and construction costs.

8.4 mgd Water Treatment Plant Design, Permitting, Construction Administration, Falmouth, MA

Tata & Howard provided construction administration and resident observation services for the new 8.0 mgd DAF water treatment plant in Falmouth, MA.