T&H Nominated Sponsor of the Year from NEWWA

Tata & Howard Honored by the New England Water Works Association

Karen L. Gracey accepts Sponsor of the year award from NEWWA.HOLLISTON, Mass. – Tata & Howard recently received the 2022 Sponsor of the Year Award from the New England Water Works Association (NEWWA), the region’s largest and oldest not-for-profit organization of water works professionals.

The Sponsor of the Year Award was established in 1995 to recognize the outstanding efforts of service provider members who support NEWWA through financial contributions, in-kind materials, and volunteer resources.

Tata & Howard has been a NEWWA member since 2004 and is a NEWWA Gold Sponsor. They are Recycle Sponsors at the Spring Conference, consistently sponsor the Annual Golf Tournament, supported the 2021 Virtual Technology Campaign, and have participated as an advertiser in the Source newsletter.

Tata & Howard supports the involvement of their staff in NEWWA as volunteers, including Co-President Karen Gracey, who has been involved with the Program Committee as a campaign manager and moderator for the Spring and Annual Conferences for the last six years.

Tata & Howard was recognized with this award on September 18, 2022, during NEWWA’s 141st Annual Conference in Newport, RI.

Lead and Copper Rule Revision

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues its mission to educate and eliminate Lead from America’s drinking water. Lead in drinking water, over time, builds up in the body, causing damage to the brain, red blood cells, and kidneys. The most significant risk is to young children and pregnant women; lead in the body can slow the normal mental and physical development of growing bodies.

Recent (EPA) mandate, under section §141.84 of the Lead and Copper Rule Revision (LCRR), requires all Municipalities to develop and submit for review a lead service line (LSL) inventory plan, including public and private side, by October 16, 2024.

President Biden announced (whitehouse.gov) that all Americans deserve to breathe clean air, live in healthy homes, and have clean drinking water. The initiative ties into the $1 Trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that includes $550 billion in new federal investments in America’s infrastructure over the next five years. The Biden-Harris Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan is part of this ambitious undertaking.

With the EPA’s October mandate rolling out in 2024, Municipalities across America are working on developing or refining a Lead Service Line (LSL) Inventory tracking system to quickly identify and replace lead service lines for public and private water connections.

T&H’s Justine Carroll, Vice President, published an article titled “How to Start an LSL Inventory Tracking System,” which provides guidance on the necessary information that should be collected for a complete database; review the full Article.

LSL Inventory Tracking System

How to Start an LSL Inventory Tracking System

Article created by Justine Carroll, Vice President, Tata & Howard, Inc., October, 2022

For the first time since the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the agency has mandated all municipalities, under section §141.84 of the Lead and Copper Rule Revision (LCRR), to develop and submit for review a lead service line (LSL) inventory plan including both public and private side. Municipalities’ inventories servicing 50,000+ populations must be available on the municipality’s website, allowing residents and business owners to access information online to determine if the line on public or private land contains lead. The EPA administration is encouraging early plan submissions allowing review and revision time to meet the October 16, 2024, deadline.

The following planning structure serves as a guideline for an LSL inventory plan. The shared information provided is not all-encompassing, allowing individual municipalities to customize their inventory plan to their needs.

Start preparing an LSL Inventory

Find and organize internal data such as metered accounts, assessors’ data, record files, service cards, building permit records, work orders, and field excavations. Create a customer survey using mailings or mobile applications to help identify LSL materials for homes or businesses. Develop public education programs to notify private owners and residents through invoicing, email, and notices.

Structuring the database – Categories, Subcategories, and Service Indicators

The next step in developing an LSL plan is to assign categories and subcategories to identify and report quickly. Data fields can include sampling locations, connection material, current and past service line material, installation date, classification, building type, building installation year, plumbing material, and service line replacement status. Template spreadsheets are available at the state level; using them allows for universal fields and drop-down menus for continuous data input.

The inventory will identify services with service lines categorized as lead, galvanized requiring replacement, or lead status unknown; consider installation and home construction dates, service line size, and water-main installation year when actual dates are unavailable.

Base your starting point with the 1986 EPA Lead Ban and local ordinances to determine when lead installations were not allowed in the public water system. Services with unknown materials should be ranked for verification by indicating high priority of lead, medium priority of lead, or low priority of lead.

Create a public LSL replacement program to eliminate known lead service lines and work with private owners to replace necessary lines; often, monetary incentivized programs are available. Next, develop a verification process consisting of customer surveys, home inspections, water quality sampling, or mechanical excavation.

Lastly, internally link the database to a shapefile in your GIS or other mapping software to identify service line materials quickly; data can be made public for communities with more than 50,000 people.

To contact Justine M. Carroll, Vice President, Tata & Howard, Inc.
jcarroll@tataandhoward.com  |  Direct ((508) 219-4018
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Article featured: MWWA H20 Pump Newsletter, October 2022, Edition N0. 224, featured sponsor, page 9.

Salvatore Longo, V.P., Retires

Farewell to a great team member, Sal Longo! Enjoy your retirement Sal!

We wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sal Longo for his many years of service.  Sal has been with Tata & Howard since 2014 when Haestad Engineering was acquired.  Prior to 2014, he spent the entirety of his career at Haestad.  With his easy-going demeanor and superior engineering skills, Sal has been the go to person for many clients in Connecticut because of his expertise in everything water, specifically safe yield analyses and pump station designs.  Not only is he retiring but he is also leaving Connecticut and heading to Maine.  We wish Sal the best of luck in this next chapter and hope that he can relax and enjoy some needed time off.  The entire Tata & Howard team wishes Sal the very best in his retirement!  Wishing you many fun adventures!

Industry Deadlines

Thanks for stopping by, no industry deadlines at the moment.
Keep checking back. – T&H Team

Combined Pump Station Chemical Feed Building

Kirsten Hummel, E.I.T., is performing Resident Project Representative (RPR) responsibilities at the Combined Pump Station Chemical Feed Building for the Town of Marion, MA. The contractor, Barbato Construction Co., is exposing an intersection to tie in the raw and finished water mains.
Anticipated Project Completion Date: September 2022.


Matthew V. Morganelli, P.E., Project Mgr.
mmorganelli@tataandhoward.com | Phone: (508) 232-6238 


Kirsten M. Hummel, E.I.T.
khummel@tataandhoward.com | Phone:(508) 232-6252



Our Cornhole Tournament was a Hole-In-Many! It was a great afternoon filled with friendly competition, food, laughs, and camaraderie! The sky was blue, and the warmth of the afternoon sun was perfect for the tossing arm.

Next step…cornhole league!

Nothing is better than the sounds of laughter!

T&H Engineers Participate in “Fight For Air Climb” 2022

Team Unum Montis Champions "Fight For Air Climb" Competition With
Overall Lowest Time and Second Highest Fundraising Efforts!

Kudos to Team Unum Montis!

On Saturday, May 7th, Tata & Howard team members Robert Sims and Matt O’Dowd participated in the “Fight For Air Climb” at Pierce Memorial Stadium, Providence, RI. The “Unum Montis Team,” which included Robert and Matt, alongside Meagan Heslin, Shawn Giatas, and Wiktor Tomkiewicz, won the team competition (lowest total time of 5) by over 5 minutes.

In the eighth year of fundraising for the American Lung Association’s (ALA) “Fight for Air Climb,” the Unum Montis Team increased fundraising efforts finishing at $4,630. Congrats Team!

Robert Sims

Matt O'Dowd

For more than 115 years, the American Lung Association (ALA) has been the champion of lung health. The fundraising monies contribute 90 cents of every dollar to program services, impacting more than 20 million Americans each year.

  • Defeating lung disease
  • Championing clean air for all
  • Improving the quality of life for those with lung disease and their families
  • Creating a tobacco-free future.

Let’s Connect

Robert P. Sims, P.E.
Project Manager
Direct: (508) 219-4017
Cell: (508) 320-4767

Matt O'Dowd

Let’s Connect

Matt O’Dowd
Assistant Project Engineer
Direct: (508) 386-9352

Article on T&H Flushing Plan Put into Action by Town of Shrewsbury Water and Sewer Division

Daniel Rowley, Water and Sewer SuperintendentMassachusetts utility boosts water quality with a carefully executed treatment and flushing plan.

To combat a long-standing water-quality problem, the Town of Shrewsbury Water and Sewer Division in Massachusetts recently completed a comprehensive unidirectional flushing project aimed at removing manganese from its water mains.

A local contractor performed the flushing using a plan developed by Tata & Howard, a firm that’s been the utility’s consultant since the 1990s. The water system features about 207 miles of mains, mostly made of asbestos cement, ductile iron and PVC pipes. It includes more than 11,000 service connections and serves about 38,000 people. Read more

Scholarship Recipient – Joseph Diaz

Patrick S. O’Neale P.E. Scholarship
Awardee – Joseph Diaz

The Massachusetts Water Works Association (MWWA), jointly with Tata & Howard, Inc., (TH) announced Joseph Diaz (JD) as the first recipient of the co-sponsored Patrick S. O’Neale P.E. Scholarship. 

In May 2022, Joseph Diaz will graduate from Merrimack College, embark on a full-time job, and after graduation,  pursue his Master of Science in Engineering Management degree in the evening. His favorite person in the Engineering field, Arthur Casagrande (1902 – 1981); per Joseph, “without him, our understanding of the liquid limit test of knowing the soil’s strength, consistency, and behavior would be limited.” We asked Joseph to share his “Greatest of All Time” experience, sparking his interest in engineering. His response was “a 7th-grade city-wide challenge to repurpose open spaces. My assignment; was to create a self-watering community garden. With a flip of a switch, the garden was self-watered, and so was my curiosity about how things work.” Our interview wouldn’t be complete without asking this last question, “What would you like to accomplish in the next ten years?” His answer: to complete my master’s degree; become a mentor to youth interested in S.T.E.M., and fulfill my dream of returning to my homeland, the Dominican Republic, to assist provinces with my engineering skills.
– Joseph, the Tata & Howard and MWWA teams congratulates you and wishes you much success!