CMOM Requirements in NPDES General Permit, Winchester, NH

CMOM Requirements in NPDES General Permit | Board of Sewer Commissioners, Winchester, NH

WinchesterNH_WWTP_watershotTata & Howard is assisting the Town of Winchester to meet the Collection, Management, Operation, and Maintenance (CMOM) requirements in the Town’s NPDES General Permit. To date, the work has consisted of the preparation of an outline for the Full Collection System Operation and Maintenance Plan, which includes descriptions of staffing, management goals, information management, condition assessment, recent studies, and construction activities. Tata & Howard has been retained to prepare the Full Collection System Operation and Maintenance Manual, which includes updating the outline, preparing a preventative maintenance and monitoring program, identifying sources of suspected overflows and back-ups, preparing a program for preventing I/I related effluent violations, and a public outreach program regarding I/I control.

Additionally, Tata & Howard has assisted the Town of Winchester with three phases of improvements to the Winchester Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF), I/I investigations, repair and rehabilitation of the sewer collection system to remove I/I, and securing funding to upgrade the WWTF and sewer collection system.