Water Audit, Brookline, MA

Department of Public Works, Brookline, MA

brookline water audit

Phase I of the water audit, Non-revenue Water Data Collection and Validity Review, for the City of Brookline water system collected and reviewed the validity of the system data.  The results of Phase I were used to assist in completing the water audit.

As part of Phase I, the four master meters recording the flow from the wholesale supplier were visited and visually inspected.  The meters were evaluated to determine if the operating conditions were appropriate for each meter.  It was determined that inspection and calibration of one of the meters was not completed in some time which may be the cause of the high nonrevenue water in the system.

A Data Validity score based on a preliminary review of the system data was calculated.  The score provides a level of confidence in the data provided for an audit.  As part of Phase I, recommendations were provided to increase the Data Validity score and the accuracy of the data for the next phases of the water audit.

Phase II of the Water Audit included preparation of the water audit report and evaluation of the infrastructure leakage index (ILI). The work was conducted using the guidelines outlined by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in Water Audits and Loss Control Programs, Manual of Water Supply Practices – M36, Third Edition, published in 2009.





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