Water Treatment Facilities, Canton, MA

Canton MA water treatment facility

The Town of Canton had primarily been relying on water from the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) for a majority of its water supply needs since 2003 due to the poor water quality of their well supplies. In order to reduce the amount of water purchased from MWRA, the Town began investigations of water treatment options for iron and manganese removal. In 2005, Tata & Howard conducted a pilot test using water from Well No. 9 since it represented what was considered the worst water quality particularly with regard to iron concentration. The pilot testing indicated that oxidation with potassium permanganate followed by membrane ultrafiltration would be successful in reducing the elevated levels of iron and manganese to below the Secondary Maximum Contaminant Levels of 0.3 mg/l and 0.05 mg/l, respectively. Based on the results of preliminary pilot testing, a system from Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (Koch) of Wilmington, Massachusetts was used.

In addition to the pilot study, Tata & Howard performed a feasibility study to determine the best location for a treatment facility for all of their well supplies. The recommended location for a single facility was a Town-owned property between Charles Drive and Pecunit Street adjacent to the Well Nos. 11 and 12 site, requiring the construction of approximately 14,500-feet of transmission main.  Due to the significant cost of the transmission mains, the disruption of traffic throughout the Town from road excavation for construction of those mains, and the unknown cost of the required permitting activities for the transmission mains, the Town decided on the construction of two treatment facilities.

Tata & Howard provided engineering design and construction administration services for two water treatment facilities. Piloting for the projects was completed at two well sites.  The Neponset Street Water Treatment Facility (WTF) has a design capacity of 2.53 mgd. The facility use ultrafiltration with chlorine dioxide for treatment. The Pecunit Street WTF has a design capacity of 0.95 mgd and uses LayneOx with chlorination for treatment. The two treatment facilities allowed the Town to reduce the volume of water purchased by the MWRA.



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