Water Treatment Plant, Iron and Manganese Removal, Wayland, MA


Tata & Howard completed pilot testing, design, permitting, bidding, and construction management services for the Town of Wayland’s Baldwin Pond Water Treatment Plant which included iron and manganese removal. The facility received MassDEP approval to go online and became Wayland’s first public building to receive an occupancy permit in the last 30 years. The need for the facility arose from high iron and manganese content in Wayland’s water. The facility also addressed any concern over the three Baldwin Pond wells which were under close scrutiny to determine if they were “under the influence of surface water.” The 7,500-square-foot, 1.5 million gallons per day, state-of-the-art water treatment facility was constructed to meet current and future regulations for many years ahead. The design included ozone oxidation, ultrafiltration membranes, waste recycle, and chemical feed for coagulation, pH adjustment, fluoridation, and disinfection. The treatment facility utilizes ozone oxidation and ultrafiltration to remove iron and manganese from the blended raw water from the three water supply wells.  Although other constituents are also removed through this process, the basis of this plant is to optimize the removal of iron and manganese.

The Baldwin Pond Water Treatment Facility project was highly successful through good communication and teamwork between Tata & Howard’s construction management team, the general contractor Methuen Construction, and the Town of Wayland. With less than 1% of the contingency budget applied to change orders towards the end of the project, the Town was able to do additional work. The additional work included replacing raw water mains and upgrading the existing garage onsite. A dedication ceremony for the facility was held with Representative Scott Brown, and representatives from MassDEP, Methuen Construction, and Tata & Howard joining the Town of Wayland in commemorating the completion of the facility.





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