Tata & Howard Receives 2017 Engineering Excellence Awards

Carolyn Giampe and Dan Lawrence from Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut accept the Merit Award for the Means Brook Dam alongside Tata & Howard’s William Andres

Tata & Howard was awarded two 2017 Engineering Excellence Merit Awards from the  American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT). The awards, which honor the very best of Connecticut’s engineers and the projects they have created for the citizens of Connecticut, were presented during ACEC/CT’s Engineering Excellence Awards Dinner held on January 23, 2017 at the Aqua Turf Club in Plantsville, Connecticut.

Tata & Howard’s winning projects included the Means Brook Reservoir Gatehouse and Dam Rehabilitation project for the Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut, and the Repair and Modification of the Skilton Road Stone Masonry Arch Bridge project for the Town of Watertown, Connecticut. Both projects provided improved safety, functionality, and aesthetic value to Connecticut residents.

“Receiving Engineering Excellence Awards for the two projects was gratifying,” said William S. Andres, P.E., Associate at Tata & Howard, who served as Project Manager for the projects. “Both projects were of critical import to Connecticut residents for both safety reasons and historical significance, and it was a true honor that their value was recognized by ACEC Connecticut.”

Roy Cavanaugh from the Town of Watertown, CT accept the Merit Award for the Skilton Road Bridge alongside Tata & Howard’s William Andres

The Means Brook Dam, originally constructed in 1916 in Shelton, Connecticut and currently owned by Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut, required repairs to improve reliability and safety. The project included replacement of the deteriorated upstream and downstream faces of the dam and the crest, and modernization and rehabilitation of the gate chambers, while maintaining the active public water supply.

The Skilton Road Bridge, originally built in 1865 as a one lane, dry stone masonry arch bridge over the Skilton Gorge in Watertown, Connecticut, was found to be structurally deficient in 2013 and required rehabilitation. The bridge is on the national register of historic places, so special consideration was required during design to preserve the historic nature of the bridge. The project was partially funded by the Local Bridge Program, which required the width of the bridge to be increased to accommodate two traffic lanes, and the Town requested that a sidewalk be installed on one side of the bridge.  These two design challenges were met by installing transverse prestressed concrete across the existing bridge. The bridge is owned by the Town of Watertown, Connecticut.

Tata & Howard is a member of ACEC’s national chapter as well as its state chapters in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.