T&H Celebrates the Holidays!

T&H’s annual holiday celebration was held on Tuesday, December 20, and it was a big success with food, gifts, and some fun competition. We were excited to have several fellow employee-owners from our satellite offices join us for the holiday fun.

T&H employee-owners enjoying a catered Italian luncheon as they celebrate the holidays

Drawing numbers out of a hat, employee-owners crossed their fingers for our gift giveaway. There were several awesome gifts ranging from gift cards to Bose speakers. Congratulations to our grand prize winner, T&H Project Environmental Scientist James DeAngelis who won an Apple watch!

T&H Project Environmental Scientist James DeAngelis showing off his new Apple watch.

Employee-owners also participated in a friendly dessert competition. Project Manager Amanda Cavaliere won best homemade dessert with for her amazing custard trifle. For best store bought dessert category, IT Manager James Field stole the show with a delicious tiramisu. The best presentation category went to Engineer Keighty Tallman, who impressed everyone with her creative gingerbread teddy bears.
Like every year, this year’s holiday celebration was a great time with a lot of laughs. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

T&H Thanksgiving Luncheon

T&H employee-owners enjoyed the annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on Tuesday, November 22, and as always, it was a big success. Employee-owners were encouraged to bring in their favorite foods and take some time to appreciate the holiday season. In addition, we were lucky to have some fellow employee-owners from our satellite offices to join us for the food and fun. For our six newest engineers, it was a memorable first Thanksgiving celebration at T&H. There was great food, great people, and a lot of laughs.

Tata & Howard Celebrates 24th Anniversary

img_3330On October 19, 2016, Tata & Howard turned 24 years old, and employee-owners celebrated by participating in Live Action Escapes followed by dinner at The Citizen in Worcester, MA. Team members travelled from all New England offices for the special event. The escape room games were thoroughly enjoyed by all. Besides using critical thinking and team-centric skills to escape the themed room, employee-owners also had quite a few laughs. Dinner was an Italian-themed buffet followed by anniversary cake, and the private room was overflowing due to the high participation level. Now entering its 25th year in business, Tata & Howard is planning a year-long celebration for its silver anniversary in 2017.