Contractor for Greensboro Fire District #1 Project Wins Best Builder Award

best builder plaqueContractor for Greensboro Fire District #1 Project Wins Best Builder Award

We would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Munson Earth-Moving Corp. for receiving the Associated General Contractors of Vermont’s 2013 Best Builders Award.

Tata & Howard has been working with Greensboro Fire District #1 in Greensboro, Vermont to assist with responses to the Water Supply Divisions Sanitary Survey and to develop alternatives for the long term plan that would address all deficiencies and meet compliance with the Federal and State drinking water rules. Part of the solution included the replacement of water mains to meet required system pressures and to address the old leaking pipes. Munson Earth-Moving Corp. provided construction services and Tata & Howard provided construction administration. Munson Earth-Moving Corp. received the prestigious 2013 Best Builder Award and garnered praise from local residents. To read the project narrative, please click here: Greensboro Best Builder Narrative

For a project description, please click here: Greensboro Fire District #1 Project Description