On-Demand Webinar: MS4 Compliance

Proactive Preparation: A Small Community’s Approach Toward MS4 Compliance

The Town of Leicester is similar to many small towns in Massachusetts in terms of the search for funds and resources for compliance with the impending new MS4 Permit.  The Town is currently using a small yearly stormwater-dedicated budget and any free municipal worker time to start proactively working towards compliance rather than waiting for the final Permit to be administered. The webinar discusses tasks ongoing and completed working towards future Permit compliance, as well as available and used resources from a local stormwater coalition, Central Massachusetts Regional Stormwater Coalition, in which Leicester has been an active member for the last three years.  Topic include components of an IDDE Program, ordinances, good housekeeping in municipal operations, communication with municipal leaders, and collaboration with local stormwater groups. Jon Gregory, P.E., Project Manager, presented this webinar on MS4 compliance. The webinar is approximately 30 minutes.