ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Horizontal Directional Drilling of Raw Water Intakes into Long Pond, Falmouth, MA

Ryan Neyland, P.E., Project Manager, presented this webinar on Horizontal Direction Drilling of Raw Water Intakes into Long Pond, Falmouth MA. Regulatory and customer-based drivers led the Falmouth Water Department to construct a new water treatment plant (WTP) at Long Pond.  Due to the location of the new WTP in relation to the existing pump station facility and intake, new intakes and a raw water pump station were needed to pump water from Long Pond to the WTP.  This presentation will discuss pipe and screen installation utilizing horizontal directional drilling methods to minimize any potential impacts to the pond during construction.

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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Water Loss Control

Moving Beyond Unaccounted-for Water Using the New M36 Methodology

waterleaks1Steve Rupar, P.E., Vice President and Manager of Tata & Howard’s Waterbury, CT office, gave a webinar of new approaches to water loss control based on the latest revisions to methodology in AWWA M36. The webinar used information from case studies to illustrate that water loss control is about more than just finding and stopping leaks. New performance indicators and tools have been developed that can help utilities understand and reduce water loss in a cost-effective manner. The webinar is approximately 30 minutes.

You may view the on-demand webinar here: