Phil MacClellan Speaks at UMass Amherst

pem-umass-9-16T&H Engineer Phil MacClellan recently presented at his alma mater UMass Amherst to an engineering class called Bridging Engineering Theory to Practice in the Community. The class is taught by Dr. Cheryl Brooks, Assistant Dean for Experiential Learning and Corporate Relations at the College of Engineering. The students work with community partners such as the Town of Amherst and the Fisher Hospice Home on real-world engineering projects to apply the engineering principles they learn in school and to gain an understanding of the social and community conditions which create a need for these engineering projects. He spoke about managing projects from the perspective of a young engineer from inception to completion, the struggles faced and unexpected situations that arise during the project process, with plenty of examples from design and construction of projects on which he is currently working. Great job, Phil!