Tata & Howard Team Members Present to Elementary Students

Tata & Howard Senior Project Manager James Hoyt, P.E. and Project Manager Molly Caruso, P.E., gave their annual water and wastewater presentation to the third grade students of Stanley Elementary School in Waltham, MA. The students there have learned about the water cycle and the importance of being mindful of their water use and interaction with the environment.

The 90-minute presentation included a PowerPoint presentation and a treatment demonstration. The PowerPoint followed the water cycle, how we all interact with the water cycle every day, and how water and wastewater engineers use math and science to help us safely interact with the water cycle and our environment. James and Molly spoke about making the water we use safe to drink and how we clean our dirty water before putting it back into the environment. They also spoke about how the availability of water differs in Massachusetts and in Rwanda, with a brief talk about Tata & Howard’s experience with the Water for People trip to Rwanda.

For the treatment presentation, the students made their own wastewater with materials found around the house that can end up down the drain like dirt, food, soap, oils, and even plastics. The group then used a clarifier for primary treatment and a sand filter for additional treatment. They ended with a demonstration where they used granular activated carbon to remove dye from the water, turning it clear again.

James and Molly enjoyed working with the kids and are looking forward to going back next year.


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