Water Mains, Milford Water Company, MA

water_main_constructionTata & Howard was contracted to design approximately 2,000 linear feet of new 12-inch diameter ductile iron water main on Congress Street and West Fountain Street (High Service Area). The work included borings, survey, preparation of plans and specifications, and bidding. Construction of the High Service Area Water Mains took place over the summer, and was recently completed. Tata & Howard provided construction administration and resident observation services.

In addition, Tata & Howard was contracted to design approximately 2,400 linear feet of new 12-inch diameter ductile iron water main on East Main Street (Route 16). The work included survey, wetlands delineation, MassDOT permitting, completion of a Notice of Intent, preparation of plans and specifications, bidding, construction administration, and resident observation services.

Water Mains, DWSRF, Uxbridge, MA

Department of Public Works, Uxbridge, MA

Water_Mains_Construction hatsTata & Howard is assisting the Town of Uxbridge with the design of 18,200 linear feet of 12-inch diameter water main on Route 122 from the Blackstone River to the Northbridge Town boundary.  Work includes the preparation of design plans and specifications, permitting with the local Conservation Commission, MESA, and MassDOT, and the preparation of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) application, plans, and specifications checklist for the Route 122 water main design.

In addition, Tata & Howard provided design, permitting, and construction administration services for approximately 4,750 and 1,560 linear feet of 20-inch and 12-inch diameter water main, respectively, on Quaker Highway.

Capital Efficiency Plan™ including Water System Master Plan, Northampton, MA

City of Northampton, MA 

NorthamptonMA_key_bridgeTata & Howard has completed a Water System Capital Efficiency Plan™ for the City of Northampton.  The plan includes a comprehensive water system master plan that evaluates the hydraulics of the system as well as critical components and asset management considerations.  The hydraulic analysis included completion of fire flow testing and c-factor tests.  Tata & Howard developed a hydraulic model from the City’s extensive ArcGIS database and the flow test results were used in verification.  Tata & Howard reviewed recommended static pressures and Insurance Service Office recommended fire flows as well as estimated needed residential and commercial fire flows throughout the system.  The Northampton water system has wide range of ground elevations, resulting in extreme high and low static pressures in some areas.  To maintain recommended system pressures, a new service zone was recommended to divide the distribution system.  The recommendations included a new water storage tank, pressure reducing valves and transmission main improvements.  Tata & Howard also developed additional recommended water main improvements to meet fire flow needs.

The asset management portion of the project included a detailed analysis of each segment of pipe in the water system based on age, diameter, material, pressure, soil conditions, break history, and potential water hammer.  Each segment of pipe was given a numeric rating based on weighted asset criteria developed in cooperation with the City.  This information was used with the hydraulic evaluation and critical component assessment to determine the prioritized improvements for the system.

Tata & Howard is also assisting the City with testing of pipes throughout the system.  The work includes visual evaluation of samples and pipe strength testing.  An analysis of the estimated service factor of each pipe segment will be provided to the City and used to supplement the information obtained during our asset management analysis.

District Water Treatment Facility, Transmission Mains, and Metering Station, Mattapoisett, MA

Mattapoisett River Valley Water District (MRVWD), MA

MRVWD_water treatment facilityThe MRVWD water treatment facility project was designed to treat water from eight wells belonging to the Towns of Fairhaven, Marion and Mattapoisett.  The MRVWD facilities also include approximately 5 miles of raw water transmission mains between the wells and the water treatment facility, finished water transmission mains from the water treatment facility to the existing town transmission mains, six new 100 HP high lift pumps and control/metering stations.  The existing pump stations were upgraded to pump water to the water treatment facility but operation of the pump stations will remain the responsibility of the individual towns.  The total cost of all project components was approximately $16.5 million, which was partially funded with a low interest SRF loan.  By constructing a regional facility, the towns were able to save over $4.9 million in design and construction costs in comparison to individual treatment facilities.

On-Call Water Engineering Services, Franklin, NH

City of Franklin Municipal Services Department, Franklin, NH

FranklinNH_water treatment facilityTata & Howard has been assisting the City of Franklin, New Hampshire with general water engineering services since 2009. The Tata & Howard team has managed several phases of work, including the design and construction of the water treatment plant and distribution system improvements.

The first phase was the design and construction of 2,500 linear feet of water main on Hill Road to connect a new water treatment plant to the City’s distribution system.  This project also involved use of four bioretention systems to treat and manage stormwater from the roadway, and was constructed in 2010.

The second phase of our work with the City included the design and construction of two parallel 2,500 LF sections of 12-inch diameter HDPE crossings beneath the Pemigewasset River using horizontal directional drilling to transport water from the City’s Franklin Falls Well to the water treatment plant site.

Tata & Howard managed the survey and geophysical studies and prepared a Preliminary Design Report and Environmental Review documents for several phases of work.  The City’s wells are surrounded by lands controlled by the US Army Corps of Engineers, which required that we complete an extensive permitting process to secure permissions for the final design of the project.

Tata & Howard completed design, construction, permitting, and funding applications for a 1,000 gallons per minute groundwater treatment plant to remove iron and manganese from three of the City’s wells. The plant has four pressure filters containing Greensand Plus media and using sodium hypochlorite for oxidation and sodium carbonate (soda ash) for pH adjustment. This plant went online July 9, 2012.

Tata & Howard provided design services for the construction of a new prestressed concrete tank at the site of an existing tank. The existing tank was in poor condition and due to the site characteristics, it was determined that construction of the new tank on the existing foundation of the old tank would be the best option.  A second tank on the site was demolished in 2013 and a new prestressed concrete tank will be constructed in its place.

Tata & Howard also conducted a full water system analysis for the City of Franklin, New Hampshire by utilizing our proprietary Capital Efficiency Plan™ methodology.  Our CEP involved creating a model of all water infrastructure in the City including sources, pump stations, treatment facilities, storage facilities, transmission, and distribution lines. Using our GIS modeling software, the system was calibrated based on fire flows in an attempt to accurately replicate the existing system. We then pinpointed deficiencies within the system based on a custom rating scale given to multiple criteria such as age, break history, material type, criticality and size. Recommendations were made for improvements in order of need. The study renewed both above ground and below ground assets. Funding for this study was in part from an Asset Management Planning Grant from NHDES.


Unidirectional Flushing Program, Capital Efficiency Plan™, and Water Main Design, Melrose, MA

Unidirectional Flushing
Tata & Howard provided assistance during the City’s unidirectional flushing program.  As part of the work, Tata & Howard recorded the flow from the hydrants, noted any changes in the plan, and noted any defective hydrants or valves.  When completed, a summary report outlining the total usage of water and recommended improvements to the flushing program was provided.

MelroseMAHPWater Mains and Capital Efficiency Plan™
Tata & Howard also provided design and construction services for approximately 5,600 feet of new 8-inch water main and approximately 950 feet of new 12-inch water main throughout the City. Plans were created using available GIS data from the City and field verification. These water mains also included crossing two MWRA transmission mains and crossing the Lynn Fells Parkway. The Lynn Fells Parkway crossing required permitting with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and a traffic management plan. This work was funded through the MWRA. As part of the project, Tata & Howard updated and verified the City’s existing hydraulic model, which has over 80 miles of water main.  Work included two days of fire flow tests throughout the City and allocation of demands using up-to-date billing and parcel data. The locations of the new water mains were selected based on preliminary recommendations identified in the Capital Efficiency Plan™ that was prepared by Tata & Howard. The Capital Efficiency Plan™ identified and prioritized areas for improvement within the distribution system. Our services included evaluating the condition of the existing distribution system infrastructure to determine the adequacy of meeting present and future demands, assessing and prioritizing system improvements, reviewing and evaluating typical fire flows throughout the system, creating a pipe asset management rating system, and recommending improvements to the distribution system.

Download a whitepaper detailing a comprehensive summary of the UDF by clicking the link below:


Water Main and Drainage Pipe, Monson, MA

Pioneer Valley Planning Commission, Monson, MA

MonsonMA_watermain_drainage_pipeThis project included installation of 850 linear feet of 8-inch diameter water main, installation of 450 linear feet of new drainage, sidewalks, and roadway reconstruction on Park Avenue. The work included temporary bypass piping for the duration of the project.  The project was funded by a CDBG grant.

Tata & Howard also provided engineering services for the installation of new 8-inch diameter water mains on Green Street, Lincoln Street, and Squier Avenue.  The project included the installation of drainage pipe and catch basins as well as roadway reconstruction and new sidewalks.  The project was funded by a CDBG Grant.

Water Main Improvement and Design, Newton, MA

Newton, MA

newton_water_mainSince 2009, Tata & Howard has worked with the City of Newton, Massachusetts on water main improvement projects throughout the water system.  In total, the designs have included over seven miles of cleaning and lining and over eight miles of new 8-inch and 12-inch diameter water mains.  Our services have included design, completion of an Opinion of Probable Cost for construction, construction administration and resident observation.  Plans were created using available GIS data from the City and field verification.  The majority of the work has been funded through MWRA.  A recent design included a new 12-inch diameter water main on Washington Street.  Work includes cutting concrete panels, backfilling with Controlled Density Fill, and traffic management.

Pump Station Design and Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades, Barre, MA

Department of Public WorksTown of Barre, MA

Barre wastewater treatment facilityThe Town of Barre retained Tata & Howard to evaluate their existing wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard recommended a three phase upgrade program in order to reduce the initial impact of the construction cost on the sewer use rates. Included in the upgrade program was the design and construction of a submersible pump station that lifts the raw wastewater from an equalization tank to the biological treatment process. The pump station has a capacity of 1.2 mgd and includes variable frequency drives. The pumping station is controlled by a new SCADA system at the wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard also designed 8,000 linear feet of collection system sewers in the Worcester Road area of town. The project also included 500 linear feet of force main and a wet well mounted pump station. The pump station has a capacity of 200 gpm.

Sewer Improvements and Wastewater Pump Stations, Bingham, ME

Town of Bingham, ME

Bingham ME wastewater pump stationTata & Howard provided engineering services associated with sewer improvements including evaluation, design, and construction of 3,500 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 2,500 linear feet of force mains, and three pump stations. In addition, Tata & Howard provided design and construction of 5,000 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 4,000 linear feet of gravity sewer including a river crossing, and a pump station. Tata & Howard also provided design and construction services for three new wastewater pump stations. The pump station scope included upgrading of one pump station and the design of two other pump stations. One of the pump stations is a suction lift station while the other two are submersible stations.