Pump Stations, Wastewater Treatment Facility, and Force Main Design and Construction, Troy and Jay, VT

Troy and Jay, VT

troy jay vermont wastewater engineeringTata & Howard provided engineering services for the evaluation, design, and construction of approximately five miles of pressure and gravity sewer to serve the mountain resort community of Jay, Vermont. The design also included the upgrade to air release structures for 4.5 miles of force main and upgrade of two pump stations, one a progressive cavity station. In addition, Tata & Howard provided engineering services including planning, evaluation, design, permitting and construction services for the Troy-Jay wastewater treatment facility upgrade. The new headworks facility included screening and aerated grit removal and influent design for the force main/pressure sewer from the two towns and mountain resort. The treatment process was an SBR facility with tertiary filtration and UV disinfection for phosphorus removal.

District Water Treatment Facility, Transmission Mains, and Metering Station, Mattapoisett, MA

Mattapoisett River Valley Water District (MRVWD), MA

MRVWD_water treatment facilityThe MRVWD water treatment facility project was designed to treat water from eight wells belonging to the Towns of Fairhaven, Marion and Mattapoisett.  The MRVWD facilities also include approximately 5 miles of raw water transmission mains between the wells and the water treatment facility, finished water transmission mains from the water treatment facility to the existing town transmission mains, six new 100 HP high lift pumps and control/metering stations.  The existing pump stations were upgraded to pump water to the water treatment facility but operation of the pump stations will remain the responsibility of the individual towns.  The total cost of all project components was approximately $16.5 million, which was partially funded with a low interest SRF loan.  By constructing a regional facility, the towns were able to save over $4.9 million in design and construction costs in comparison to individual treatment facilities.

Progressive Cavity Pump Stations, Ludlow, VT

Okemo Mountain Resort, Ludlow, VT

okemoTata & Howard team members designed two high head progressive cavity pump stations for the Jackson Gore expansion project at Okemo Mountain. Each pump station was designed to fit in with the landscape and each had muffin monster grinders in front of the triplex pump arrangement.  All process piping was stainless steel.

Industrial Park Interceptor Sewer and Pump Station, Medway, MA

Department of Public Services, Town of Medway, MA

Medway_MA_interceptor_sewerTata & Howard conducted an alternatives analysis for the collection and disposal of the 80,000 gpd of wastewater anticipated from the Medway Industrial Park at full build out. The study included investigations of on site treatment and subsurface effluent disposal, intermunicipal connections, and/or a pump station with force main and gravity sewer to provide sewers to the Industrial Park. Upon completion of the study, Tata & Howard was retained to design a new sewer interceptor and pump station to service the industrial park.

Tata & Howard completed the design of 18,000 linear feet of 8-inch and 18-inch diameter gravity interceptor sewer and a dedicated pump station with force main to service the Medway Industrial Park. The pump station is a wet well mounted suction lift pump station with a capacity of 500 gallons per minute and it includes a dedicated standby generator with automatic transfer switch.

Main Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation, Ayer, MA

Department of Public Works, Ayer, MA

Ayer_wastewater_pump_station_rehabilitationTata & Howard prepared a wastewater treatment and disposal alternative analysis for the Town of Ayer. The analysis evaluated alternative plans for treatment and disposal of wastewater utilizing the Town’s existing wastewater treatment facility, a proposed regional wastewater treatment facility, or a combination of both facilities. The alternative analysis estimated the wastewater flows and loadings, assessed the condition and capacity of the existing plant unit processes, and recommended improvements to meet the future service needs over the next 20 years. Tata & Howard designed upgrades to the existing main wastewater pump station which pumps the entire volume of wastewater generated in Ayer. In addition to the overall rehabilitation of the pump station, Tata & Howard designed the addition of new pumping facilities to divert wastewater to the nearby regional wastewater treatment facility at the former Fort Devens, now managed by Mass Development. The main wastewater pump station has a peak capacity of 4.0 mgd and includes four wastewater pumps with a capacity of 2,800 gpm. The upgrades included new variable frequency drives for the pumps and new SCADA.

Pump Station Design and Wastewater Treatment Facility Upgrades, Barre, MA

Department of Public WorksTown of Barre, MA

Barre wastewater treatment facilityThe Town of Barre retained Tata & Howard to evaluate their existing wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard recommended a three phase upgrade program in order to reduce the initial impact of the construction cost on the sewer use rates. Included in the upgrade program was the design and construction of a submersible pump station that lifts the raw wastewater from an equalization tank to the biological treatment process. The pump station has a capacity of 1.2 mgd and includes variable frequency drives. The pumping station is controlled by a new SCADA system at the wastewater treatment facility. Tata & Howard also designed 8,000 linear feet of collection system sewers in the Worcester Road area of town. The project also included 500 linear feet of force main and a wet well mounted pump station. The pump station has a capacity of 200 gpm.

Wastewater Pump Station Rehabilitation, Milford, MA

Board of Sewer Commissioners, Town of Milford, MA

MilfordMA_wastewater_treatment_plant_aerialTata & Howard provided all design and construction services related to a treated wastewater pump station at the Town’s advanced wastewater treatment facility.  This station has a capacity in excess of 1 mgd and is used to pump treated wastewater to a gas turbine power generation facility where it is used for cooling water.  Included in this project was the preparation of plans and specifications and the monitoring of water quality effects on the Charles River.

The Birch Street Pump Station is a submersible pump station consisting of two 700 gallons per minute pumps. Under maximum day flow conditions, the station has operated well above its current capacity and pump run times of 24 hours have been recorded. Therefore, prior to accepting additional flows would require upgrades to be completed. In 2013, Tata & Howard worked with the Town of Milford and was retained by a developer to design proposed upgrades for the Birch Street Pump Station rehabilitation which included upgrades to the existing submersible pumps, electrical and instrumentation, and controls.

Sewer Improvements and Wastewater Pump Stations, Bingham, ME

Town of Bingham, ME

Bingham ME wastewater pump stationTata & Howard provided engineering services associated with sewer improvements including evaluation, design, and construction of 3,500 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 2,500 linear feet of force mains, and three pump stations. In addition, Tata & Howard provided design and construction of 5,000 linear feet of interceptor sewer, 4,000 linear feet of gravity sewer including a river crossing, and a pump station. Tata & Howard also provided design and construction services for three new wastewater pump stations. The pump station scope included upgrading of one pump station and the design of two other pump stations. One of the pump stations is a suction lift station while the other two are submersible stations.

Wastewater Pump Station, Franklin, MA

Department of Public Works, Franklin, MA

FranklinMA_wastewater treatment facility interiorTata & Howard was retained by the Town of Franklin to evaluate the wastewater pump station that serves the Franklin Industrial Park. The pump station had been experiencing capacity issues and periodic overflows. The design by Tata & Howard included the replacement of two existing wastewater pumps with 350 new gpm capacity pumps with variable frequency drives. The project also included a substantial increase in the volume of the station’s wet well through the construction of additional precast concrete tanks. The work also included upgrades to the existing alarm and communications systems.

Wastewater Pump Stations and Treatment Plant, Canaan, VT

Canaan, VT

Canaan VT aerialTata & Howard provided engineering services for the evaluation, permitting, design, and construction of five wastewater pump stations. The pump stations included a new triplex pump station with valve structure. The wastewater treatment plant upgrade was in addition to the pump stations. The other four pump stations consisted of a new, completely relocated pump station and the upgrading of three other dry pit wet pit stations to include generators and controls for telemetry. The pump station design included a plan for maintaining operations of the stations throughout construction, which was completed in the fall of 2014.